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Heureux soient les fêlés car ils laissent passer la lumiere

25 July
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m é l a n i e

Mélanie aka Maileuhnaye, Mel, Mela. French. 20 years old. 25 July 1989. Brunette. Blue eyes. Medical student. Shopping. High Heels. Carabin. Family. Friends. Music addict. Rock. Punk. Pop. Grouser. Funny. Dreamer. Romantic. Coffee. Cappuccino. Chocolate. Sweet. Ice Cream. Photoshop. My Story

m y s h i p s

Nathan/Haley. Matt/Julie. Chris/Jal. Alex/Izzie. Pacey/Joey. Michael/Sara. Noah/Allie. Daniel/Betty. Edward/Bella. Bill/Sookie. Veronica/Logan. Anakin/Padme. Cook/Emily. Stephan/Elena. Landon/Jamie. Jack/Rose. Chuck/Blair. Cole/Phoebe. Will/Elizabeth. Sebastian/Anette. Ian/Wanda. Julien/Sophie. Patrick/Kat. Ron/Hermione

t v s h o w s / b o o k s / m o v i e s

One Tree Hill. Friday Night Lights. Skins. Grey's anatomy. Dawson's Creek. Prison Break. True Blood. Veronica Mars. The Vampire Diaries. Gossip Girl. Ugly Betty. Desperate Housewives. Charmed. the Notebook. Twilight Saga. Star Wars. A walk to remember. Titanic. Pirates of the Carribeans. Cruel intentions. 10 things I hate about you. Jeux d'enfants. the Host. Ensemble c'est tout. Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas. Harry Potter. Avatar. Hell. Million Dollars Baby. Acide Sulfurique. God Save la france. La mome. Le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain.

a n d r u l e s.

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